Topo Map Via Ferrata Millnatzenklamm
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Topo Map – Via Ferrata

Tour Description:

From the access at the left side of the stream (up to A/B) upstream to a step (B) before the first water crossing and the big waterfall.

After the water crossing up the Plattenwand (B) to the upper edge of the waterfall, there level B/C. Then easy (A) up to the first large rope bridge (B).

Then along an edge, across the second rope bridge (B) at the double waterfall and up a pillar (B).

A water crossing follows (A/B), then easy ground to a walking passage, then you reach the third waterfall, featuring a short steep track (B/C) at the end.

Easy walking passage (A) to the fourth waterfall, ramp-like passage (A/B and B) upstream to the exit.